DIRECTV will be launching a new Authorized Contractor Certification Program. This program will replace the existing program and will be available beginning April 1, 2015. DIRECTV will accept the Jones/NCTI Certified Satellite Technician Certification through April 15, 2015. For more information related to the new program, please contact or call 202.349.3630.

Certified Satellite Technician (CST) Program from Jones/NCTI

The new Jones/NCTI Certified Satellite Technician (CST) program for contract agency partners of DIRECTV aims to revolutionize the satellite industry delivering a "best in class" customer experience. The CST program is designed as a streamlined and effective way to confirm the knowledge and skills of contract technicians through a series of proctored assessment exams, thus providing DTV the assurance that contract technicians are providing the highest quality customer experience on the first visit.

In addition, the CST program provides contractors with full career path development and training opportunities that will increase their breadth of knowledge and earning power. This also helps contracting agencies to attract and retain the highest quality talent in the industry. With the new CST Program everyone wins!

How to Begin/Enroll:

The Jones/NCTI CST Program Flow To begin qualifying, follow these simple steps:

Course Overview:

Field Services Technician Pre-Assessment Course (FST)

This course presents the essentials for installing satellite installations right the first time. With the Field Services Technician Pre-Assessment course, technicians will use the Internet to develop the valuable skills needed to become productive on the job, accelerating their time-to-field. Est. time to complete - 40 hours.